Born 1979, United Kingdom. Raised in Nigeria. Presently lives in Amsterdam.

A background in colour, imaging, visual storytelling, motion picture technologies, cinema and television.

You can reach him at contact [at] laccon.net.

Film Artist

His personal works typically centre on themes of existence, trauma and masculinity.

Alongside photography and filmmaking, he is the author of several screenplays.

Look Development, Production Workflows & Features Colourist

Edmond has worked as a Look Development and Production Workflows Technologist for Netflix and is a trained feature film colourist.

Lecturing on Visual Development for Netflix in Johannesburg, South Africa


He also enjoys lecturing on Creative Vision Development as well as topics relating to colour grading.
Previously he co-ran the UP.GRADE post-graduate programme in Berlin together with Dirk Meier.

with cinematographers Bojana Andric, SAS and Philippe Rousselot, AFC ASC