A man and a child sit outside a run down Angolan hospital.
Still from the making of Inside Uíge Hospital .


Educational & Environmental

Edmond Laccon operating a RED camera.
In Barcelona with a RED for Mnactec.cat.

[dropcap1]B[/dropcap1]eginning with shooting educational materials for Italian NGO Doctors with Africa I have gone to shoot a wide range of material covering a variety of humanitarian or environmental themes.

Although a trained TV camera operator (see below), most of my experience is as a location Lighting Cameraman, a role I love – the colder, the more challenging the conditions – the better.

I’m particularly suited to working on projects that involve cross-cultural co-operation and sensitive subject matter.



Commercials, music videos, etc.

Film poster from Prossaarium - a young couple
“Prossaarium” (2012)

With experience of most formats (film limited to 16mm) I have shot small scale works for clients who need images that look much better than the budget behind them – quickly and with imagination – whether its to promote anything from a shopping centre to a music group.

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Live studio, outside broadcast and PSC

Edmond Laccon wearing headset near Live TV sign
On live (photo: O. Cevik).

I have over 1000 hours of live studio and OB experience in the UK, covering a range of subjects from events to shopping television. As a “senior camera operator” I managed a small team of operators and enjoyed introducing and training new camera ops to the live studio environment.