B etween Berlin and the UK, I am a freelance DI colourist and workflow consultant. I develop reciprocally creative partnerships with cinematographers, mainly working on long-form projects.

I typically work in Resolve, Baselight, Nucoda, On-set Dailies and am experienced with colour managed workflows and in working on projects shot on photochemical film.


A s head of the German Film and Television Academy's UP.GRADE programmes I am responsible for running courses that educate the next generation of colourists.

To date, UP.GRADE has been the world's only longterm (9-months full time) programme teaching the art and science of colour grading to a new generation of colourists. For more information please see below.



Borga - DOP Tobias Vom Dem Borne / Dir. York-Fabian Raabe
Detour - DOP Tobias Vom Dem Borne / Dir. Nina Vukovic
Guns Akimbo (additional grading) - DOP Stefan Ciupek / Dir. Jason Lei Howden
Frau Stern - DOP Adrian Campean / Dir. Anatol Schuster
The Last To See Them - DOP Katharina Schelling / Dir. Sara Summa
Stories From The Chestnut Woods - DOP Ferran Paredes / Dir. Gregor Bozic
Jibril - DOP Carolina Steinbrecher / Dir. Henrika Kull
Hagazussa - DOP Mariel Baqueiro / Dir. Lukas Feigelfeld
Snowblind - DOP Simon Drescher / Dir. Arto Sebastian
Vollmond - DOP Rudolf Schröder / Dir. Andreas Arnstedt
Con Amore, Fabia - DOP Michael Bertl BVK / Dir. Maria Teresa Camoglio
Ich Ich Ich - DOP Jesse Mazuch / Dir. Zora Rux
For the Time Being - DOP Tom Otte / Dir. Salka Tiziana


Tábor - DOP Jesse Mazuch / Dir. Stanislaw Danylyshyn
Aljona - DOP Philipp Meise / Dir. Julia Grauberger
The Colours of the Alphabet - DOP & Dir. Alastair Cole
Marty Goes to Hollywood - DOP Scott Twynholm / Dir. Ian Bustard

For a more up-to-date list - Edmond Laccon on IMDB


M y time with UP.GRADE - the longterm colourist education programme - has given me the chance to learn from some of the most knowledgeable and experienced minds in the post-production industry.

Among those I've had the privilege to learn from at UP.GRADE Berlin are:

Peter Doyle - supervising colourist, Warner Bros.
Adam Inglis - freelance colourist
Greg Fisher - senior colourist, Company3
Dirk Meier - freelance colourist, educator
Philipp Orgassa - senior colourist, ARRI Media
Andrea Chlebak - supervising colourist, Deluxe
Vanessa Taylor - senior colourist, Molinare
Kevin Shaw - educator, head of the International Colorist Academy
Charles Poynton PhD - colour scientist, educator, author
Harald Brendel - Teamlead Image Science, ARRI
Laurens Orij - colour scientist and colourist, Crab Salad
Daniele Siragusano - Baselight Workflow Consultant, FilmLight
Miga Bär - Manager of Production Technology, Netflix
Clockwise from the left: on a visit to Kodak with Charles Poynton in 2018, Adam Inglis, Peter Doyle and Greg Fisher pictured during UP.GRADE 2018-19.

All photographs copyright Edmond Laccon.