Photo of a nuclear explosion lying under ice.
Human history beneath ice – an insert filmed for the story “A Democracy of Cells”.

I love to discuss screenplays and the many different approaches to storytelling that cinema offers. I’m always looking for someone with whom I could develop new stories with as well as refine my existing scripts.

If something in my story outlines (see below) appeals to you and you’d like to know more – or if you feel I might be able to help you with your own writing just get in touch – it would be good to hear from you.

Completed Scripts

A Democracy of Cells (short feature)

An insert shot filmed for A Democracy of Cells.
An insert shot filmed for A Democracy of Cells.

Most of us have some notion of where we would like our own lives to lead us. But imagine you’re the leader of a developing country with an ambitious vision for your people’s future. How do you become sure of a plan that others will work to realise on a massive scale? What forces will disturb its actual realisation? How far into the future are you actually concerned with?

Tiny eggs become tadpoles.
Primeval life shot for A Democracy of Cells.

Set in a fictional land between Africa and the Middle East, A Democracy of Cells takes you through a tense power play of forces to explore these questions. The story uses the interplay of three characters: an all-powerful president who wishes to see his people rise from poverty (and create his nation’s first democracy), his estranged daughter – a powerful political figure with her own party and her own vision and his faithful son – a neurosurgeon who must oversee the removal a tumour from his father’s brain… An additional fourth character – an unseen female interrogator brings a more timeless point-of-view to the drama.

Despite its seemingly fantastical setting, A Democracy of Cells is intended as a low budget short feature (35 minutes) with much of the documentary imagery that the President is forced to face in his interrogation scenes – having already been shot.

Through dirty green-both glass - the skyline of Warsaw
Imagery created to test the opening sequence of Warsaw Story (working title).

Warsaw Story (drama feature)

Like fish in a tightening net: a chain of subtle phenomena leads Janek – a young Polish nurse – to meet Eva, a Hungarian dealer in psychoactive plants. But as they enthusiastically set about discovering each other’s worlds – the laws governing the everyday reality begin to warp and distort around them.

Dark underground railway station in Warsaw.
Warsaw’s Śródmieście WKD station where the script’s climax is set.

In response to these inexplicable changes they silently agree to form pact of ignorance – preferring to share their most intimate memories and observations with each other. The closer they grow the more sinister and profound the changes to the external world become – until in the final act they are forced to try to flee a city whose appearance grows more holocaustal by the hour.

This final attempt to conserve the acceptance they have found in each other becomes a harrowing test of their inner natures – as the darkening reality confronts them with spectres from their pasts, forces them redefine what they are capable of and drops their new-found bond into a furnace.

Stories in development

Tallinn Story (short drama)

A frustrated young man tries to overcome his fears in order to make his first protest speech in public. Meanwhile, having just made a televised address an established politician finds himself under house arrest. The two men encounter each other by chance near a cliff edge.

Budapest Story (feature drama/thriller)

Bodyguard in profile with headphone in ear.
Research photo for Budapest script: Gábor Demszky’s bodyguard.

Partially deafened in a past operation, an interpol agent struggles to separate the conflicting voices he hears as his team race to hunt down the perpetrators of an apparent terrorist attack.